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Our interactive displays and technology help drive your business forward.

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Interactive Displays

Touchscreen: Multi-touch for effortless interactive whiteboarding sessions.

Wireless Screensharing: Gone are the days of tangled wires.

Simple Setup: Android operating system and essential apps pre-installed.

Design Focus: Slim aluminum bezels, an intuitive user interface, 4k video and anti-glare touchscreen displays.

Perfect Fit: Interactive displays available in 55", 65", 75" and 86" sizes – a great fit for any room.

Quick Access: A wide range of USB and video inputs and outputs allow you to connect any device.


Learn more about the suite of software that is included with our interactive displays.



Creating and presenting your work has never been easier! Our multi-touch interactive displays and Note software allow you to host effortless whiteboarding sessions, add notes or annotations to any document, and tap through your presentations with ease.


Connect wirelessly.

Gone is that tangled mess of cables and the adapters that are constantly walking out of your meeting rooms. Our built-in wireless screensharing allows you to connect and share content instantly from any device - Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Chromebooks and Android.


Document sharing.

We make it easy to save and distribute your presentations and meeting notes. Save notes directly to USB drives or via the embedded Android OS giving you direct connectivity with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.


Enabling connectivity, collaboration and conversation.

We’re here to help you take your meetings to another level. Our integrated software suite allows for wireless screen-sharing, interactive whiteboarding sessions and easy distribution of meeting notes and presentations.

No matter the circumstance, LOFT has your business needs covered.

LOFT Display - Interactive Touchscreen Smart Display - Size 65"

Uninterrupted connectivity.

No cables? No problem. Our ScreenShare Pro software allows you to stream content and presentations wirelessly from multiple devices. Compatible with Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Chromebooks, and Android.

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Discover our high definition cameras.

Our conference cameras offer full HD video, integrated microphones, multiple video outputs, and much more.

Powerful and user-friendly, they're a great addition to your workspace.


Experience it live.

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