Intelligent software.

Our interactive displays come with a suite of software that promotes productivity and learning.

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Touchscreen-based interactive whiteboarding software. Designed to capture ideas, add annotations over top of documents and, includes subject-specific tools for education

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Digitizing documents.

Visualizer helps you to bring your documents into the digital world by capturing content and projecting it on the screen.

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Mobile presenting.

Wifi enabled interaction between any mobile device and your PC; allowing two-way screen control through both your device and your PC.

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Record and share content.

Record, edit, and share what is happening on your display. Capture includes an easy-to-use editing suite to help bring it all together.

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Wireless screensharing.

Wirelessly share audio and video from any of your devices to your display. Comes preinstalled on all displays - a one-time license purchase is required to enable this functionality.